My 3 Best Tips for Holiday Decorating

1. Find your focal point

Every room has a focal point and when decorating for the holidays if you use these focal points you can go lower key on other decorations. When you enter a room or home, your eye should be drawn to that focal point. Let's say for instance you have a fireplace in a room that is your focal point. By adding a Christmas tree next to it or near it then decorating up the fireplace and mantle you don't need to add too many other things in the room to make it feel Christmassy. Same with a dining room, the dining room table is your focal point, use a beautiful table cloth and an elaborate centerpiece for your decorations and you don't have to do too many other things to make the room work for any type of gathering.

2. Accessorize.

Buying pillows and candles can really make a room feel comfortable and cozy while pulling the holiday colors around the room. Adding flower arrangements, evergreen sprigs and using inexpensive holiday bulbs in lots of nooks and crannies add splashes of color and a festive feeling.

3. Store for use again next year.

Probably one of the best uses of time and money is buying things that can be stored and used again. Using plastic containers to store all your decorative items makes sure that they will not be damaged over time. Many online stores as well as large retailers have color coordinated bins to use for each holiday season. Having color coordinated containers for each holiday theme will make it easier for organization. If packaged properly these decorations can be used for years depending on their durability and style.

Everyone loves a nice warm home because it reflects the personality of the homeowner. Going home at the end of long working day is worth looking forward to-its your little piece of heaven on earth.

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